The March House is situated on the magnificent remote southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in Mal País, Costa Rica. Set on the Pacific Ocean beachfront of a tiny “private” bay, this tropical hideaway has only recently been discovered as an alternative escape from more overdeveloped tourist destinations.

Mal País and the neighboring towns of Santa Teresa and Playa Hermosa are one of Costa Rica’s best kept secrets.

Mal País’ beachside lifestyle has attracted a vibrant multi-cultural community from its roots as a surfers’ town. In a tropical paradise setting of gorgeous beauty, this quaint bohemian community thrives alongside a serious surfer culture drawn to some of the best waves on the Pacific coast. The colorful surroundings of both the natural scenery and social ambience make Mal País a favorite highlight of its visiting travelers. Recently it has drawn the attention of the highly sophisticated traveler and occasional celebrity tourist.

Mal País offers its visitors much more than spectacular surfing. Playa Carmen, the primary beach in town, is remote enough from the main tourist traps that its broad and seemingly endless stretches of white sand are quiet enough for a private get-away even during peak season. The beach’s gentle slope makes for great swimming and other recreational activities.

Mal País has an array of small independently-owned restaurants, each with typically less than a half dozen tables and diverse local and foreign menus. Once you visit, you will experience Mal País’ pride in its distinctive identity. There are no fast food restaurants or hotel chains in the area and most services and restaurants do not accept credit cards. There are two ATM’s in town.

The house – outside views